Steak Recipes

This recipe is also called the reverse sear.

Cooking your steak this way gives you a perfect inside temperature throughout the steak.
With the SMOkettle, your kettle will act like an oven with the benefit of delicious smoke flavor.

-Truly Amazing!


 The Perfect Steak!


The Set Up:

  • Minimum 1” Thick Steaks                                 
  •  Salt and Pepper
  •  Olive oil

Prep grill...

  • Light full chimney of charcoal.
  • When coals are 75 percent white, dump into grill.
  • Add a small chunk of smoke wood.
  • Add SMOkettle and place grill on top.
  • When temperature reaches 275F - 300F - adjust all vents (top and bottom) to halfway open.

Prep Steaks…

  • Add good coating of salt- (more than you think)
  • Add good coating of pepper
  • Coat steaks with olive oil


Place steaks on grill and cook at 275F degrees until you are within 5-10 degrees of your desired temperature. 

Check steaks every 15 min. with good instant read thermometer!

Use this Steak Chart for 'your' Temperature... (115F rare - 160F well done)

If you want a Medium rare steak, cook with the SMOkettle until you reach 116-121 degrees (121F + 5F = 126F)


  • Temporarily remove steaks from grill.
  • Remove SMOkettle from grill 
  • Return steaks to grill and cook over direct coals to get a nice crust... 5 min MAX!!

 The Steaks will now hit your perfect temperature.