Crispy Chicken Wings

It is very hard to cook delicious chicken on a charcoal grill because the fire is too hot and the chicken is usually burned on the outside before it has reached a safe temperature on the inside. The Smokettle gives you indirect + radiant heat and transforms your grill into a smoky oven. With the Smokettle, you will cook the chicken perfectly - without burning the outside first.
  • chicken wings and legs
  • Grill Mates Cowboy Rub (McCormick) or any seasonings you prefer!
  • salt and pepper



    Clean chicken.

    Season chicken with Grill Mates Cowboy Rub.

    If you would like any other seasonings, go for it.

    Add a little salt and pepper and refrigerate.

    Light one full chimney of charcoal (Kingsford).

    When coals are 50% white, pour into a clean kettle.

    Add three or four small hardwood chunks.

    Add the Smokettle. Add the grill grate.


    Do Not Add Water!


    Add the seasoned chicken pieces. Put lid on grill.

    Adjust the vents to maintain a temperature of 300 degrees. 


    After 45- 60 minutes - It is time to crisp the skin.

    Remove chicken from grill.

    Remove the grill grate & the Smokettle.

    Replace grill grate and add chicken.

    Crisp up skin over the hot coals by flipping chicken every few minutes.

    Cook until chicken is nice and crispy and temperature reaches 180F.





    Optional- Brush with your favorite sauce.