Basic Ribs

The following instructions are a suggested guide of how to use the SMOkettle.
You will find it easy to control the temperature.
The pan is designed to keep the fire off the meat for slow and low cooking.



  • Ribs
  • Pork Rub



Clean excess fat off of ribs.

Remove thin membrane from underside of ribs.( Use paper towel to aid in pulling membrane off.)

Add a liberal amount of pork rub to both side of ribs.



Step 1:

Add a full chimney of unlit charcoal to grill

(80-100 coals) . Add a few chunks of wood for smoke.

(apple, cherry, hickory woods are good choices)

*Tips- Use Kingsford


Step 2:

Fire up 20 charcoal briquettes. They are not ready until they get 50-75 percent white.

The key to a good cook is a good fire!

Step 3:

Pour hot coals over unlit coals and spread out evenly.

Step 4:

Drop the Smokettle pan in place*.
Optional - Add some water, beer, or juice to pan.

(Never add too much water to pan. Start with 12oz.)

*WARNING! Those coals are VERY HOT! Use Heat resistant gloves.


Step 5:

Place grill grate on top of Smokettle pan. You are now ready to cook!

Step 6:

Add your seasoned ribs.

With the smokettle, you can smoke any kind of meat.

The Smokettle is designed to keep the grill between 200 and 250 degrees

when water is in pan.

To control temperature, adjust the vents (top and bottom).

-If you desire higher temps between 250 and 400 degrees,

do not use water in the pan.


Step 7:

After an hour and a half, check the ribs.
Add water if needed.

If you are not using a rib rack, you can flip the ribs.


Step 8:

After 4-5 hours, your ribs are done.
If you want to cook the ribs longer, you can.
They will just get more tender!

I have cooked ribs for as long as 6 hours.


Step 9:

Remove the Smokettle from the grill and crisp up ribs over direct heat.

Turn frequently.

Be careful not to burn them!

Slather with BBQ sauce and caramelize for 30 seconds each side.

Remove from grill and Enjoy!!