Basic Whole Chicken




  •   2.5 - 3 pound Whole Chicken
  •  Cajun Seasonings
  •  Brown Sugar


Cook Temp: 300-325 degrees

Cook Time:  Cook to internal temperature of 160 degrees measured in the breast.

Dry Smoke = NO WATER in SMOkettle.

Cover SMOkettle with foil for reuse.


Chicken Prep:

  • Clean chicken and cut off excess fat and skin.
  • Make a rub of 2 parts cajun seasonings and 1 part brown sugar.
  • Inject chicken with half of this rub mixed with some water.
  • Dust and pat the chicken with the remaining rub.




1. Put about 70 briquets of charcoal in chimney and light.

2. Dump coals into kettle once they are 75% white.

3. Add 2-3 small chunks of wood.

4. Drop SMOkettle onto tabs.

5. Add grill grate.

6. Adjust top vent to halfway open.

7. Adjust bottom vents to halfway close...   :-)

8. Kettle will settle in to around 300 degrees.

9. Add your chicken, close up kettle and no peaking.

10. After 60 minutes - check the chicken with an instant read thermometer.

11. Add your favorite BBQ sauce after chicken reaches 160 degrees in the breast.

(Optional: Remove Smokettle to 'carmelize' sauce on chicken)