About Us

Do you want better, easier barbecue? Are you tired of throwing your food on the fire and hoping it doesn't burn? Smokettle gives you the solution you need at an affordable price.

We tried other smoking accessories in the marketplace. These other products were cumbersome, expensive and the food did not taste good. We knew there was a simpler, better way. We created the Smokettle pan to give you the ability to smoke foods on your kettle in a traditional manner. The results... a better cooking experience and delicious barbecue.

We’re thrilled to launch officially as an award-winning brand. The Smokettle 225-D, is the winner of the 2015 United Inventors Association (UIA) Stage Award for Best Product Pitch. The award was presented at the 2015 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas.  :)

We truly thank you for your interest in our company. Our goal is to provide quality products at outstanding values. We believe that delicious barbecue should be affordable to everyone. We are committed to delivering each customer a better barbecue experience.