The Smokettle 225 Disposable - 3 pack

The Smokettle 225 Disposable - 3 pack

Set of 3 Heavy Duty Aluminum Custom Pans (Reusable)

Fits 22.5" Weber® Charcoal grill

The best Smokettle we've ever made:
  • Made of 99.8% Pure Aluminum: lightweight, efficient heat conductor for even browning of meats
  • Disposable for easy cleanup
  • Moisture Moat™ : holds just the right amount of liquid to keep meats moist and juicy
  • Fits the 22.5" Weber® charcoal kettle grill
  • Extra smoke holes on sides
  • Sits at the perfect height in the kettle to allow smoke to flow around the food.
  • Pays for itself after the first delicious meal.



$ 9.99